Gil Shuler is one incredible guy. He founded and has been growing his company, Gil Shuler Graphic Designs, Inc. in Charleston, SC for the past 32 years. In that time, he has done all things graphic design including building and developing lots of brands, doing all kinds of packaging work, and creating a ton of posters, among many other things. But, more than all of that, he has impacted a countless number of people. In his own words, he is laid back, funny, creative, and loves to fish. We couldn’t agree more and… who doesn’t love that combo? Gil is just someone that, if you know him, you feel like one of the lucky ones. We invite you to listen in to a good friend of ours as he describes the evolution of the graphic design industry over the last 30+ years and he tells some of his proudest moments. We love this guy and think after this episode, you just might too.

You can follow Gil on Instagram @samplethedog

To see some of Gil’s work, check it out here!

To get to know him even a little more, read this great article in Post & Courier about the one and only Gil Shuler.

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