Hope Caldwell is one of the most inspiring people we’ve met in a long time. To spend 30 minutes with her is to be deeply impacted. We found ourselves wanting to be better humans after just being in her presence. She’s had some hard challenges that she’s had to overcome, but she has gotten up from each one smiling bigger, working harder, and loving more. Hope is a connector, she’s humble, she makes an indelible impression on all those she meets, she is a visionary, and she’s got a heart the size of the East Coast. As founder of the KLH Group and Doors to Dream, and author of the newly published Daring to Dream, Hope’s days are full of making things happen. Her why behind all of it is strong – it’s her family which includes her husband Ken, and her precious son, Liam. Give a listen and see if you don’t just walk away inspired to be more and do more with this one life you’ve been given.

**Photo Cred – Josh Drake Photography

Companies/Resources Discussed on This Episode

Hope’s companies:

  • KLH Group
  • Doors to Dream – this link takes you to the incredible video we referred to in podcast – worth the watch!

Hope’s newly published book – Daring to Dream

Sea Turtle Ministries

Best way connect with Hope – hope@klhgroup.co


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