Our guest today is the one and only, Julianne Taylor. Julianne has an undergrad degree in Interior Design, and a Master’s degree in Human Resources. After holding a leadership position in corporate HR, she travelled with her husband to multiple countries and found herself helping friends design their homes. The more she was referred to others, the entrepreneur in Julianne realized there might just be a business brewing up in all of this. As a result, Julianne has built two very successful businesses from the group up, Taylor Burke Home and Julianne Taylor Style. She is a leader in the interior design industry, and her style, much like her contagious personality, is bold and colorful. One of the many things we love about Julianne is that she uses her platform of influence and years of experience to connect specifically women entrepreneurs and breathe life into their ideas through her consulting practice. This passion for connecting others is evident in her brilliant book, DesignHer, a beautiful collection of stories highlighting female entrepreneurs shaping today’s home décor industry. We loved our time with this powerhouse leader and hope you enjoy this episode!

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