We are Julie “Jules” Weldon and Stacey “Statoya” Pierce.

We founded a coaching/consulting firm, called A Salty Rim, that is focused on helping small businesses and the leaders of those businesses grow. We’re also taking an outdoor recreational product to market in the very near future.

Within A Salty Rim, we often find ourselves musing about exactly what makes a GSD Entrepreneur tick. So we decided to start a podcast. We wanted to ask these driven, kind, hard-working entrepreneurs ourselves. We want their stories to be told so the listening world can know them and learn from them. These kind of people are inspiring. And, as a direct (maybe selfish) added bonus, we also get to meet and chat with some amazing, real life people in the trenches getting it done.

Cheers to GSD Entrepreneur, cheers to voices being heard, and cheers to you!

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