Allison and Jamie Nadeau are creatives and makers at heart. They are the wife-and-wife founders and owners of Ink Meets Paper, a custom stationery and greeting card company that is headquartered in Charleston, SC. With a background in art, editing, and designing, they wanted to spread their wings from their corporate jobs so they bought a 1,000 pound antique printing press from the 1920’s and began to teach themselves the somewhat lost art of letterpress. Allison and Jamie have a lofty, yet inspiring vision in a highly digital world to be a part of changing the culture around handwriting. They believe that handwritten communication is one of the most authentic interactions you can share with someone, and because of that, they are passionate about creating products to celebrate and uphold the beauty of the handwritten and the handcrafted. Every card they sell online and in the 500+ retail stores they are in nationally is designed by and printed by them. Their tagline of Text Less. Write More.® is one we can get behind. We hope you enjoy this episode!

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