Ashley Harwood is a creative at her core. She grew up in Georgia, where her grandmom predicted she’d be an artist when Ashley was just 5 years old. Over the course of her life, she’s work with all kinds of mediums in art – glass blowing, sculpture, neon, and many others, and even made a life-sized sculpture of a chrysalis out of saran wrap… yes, saran wrap. But the more interesting thing – if that’s possible – is that she actually got in her sculpture as part of the presentation. After she graduated from Carnegie Mellon, she went to work at restaurants, doing her art on the side. once she moved back to Charleston, her Dad encouraged her to start doing woodworking. Years later, she is now considered a master woodturner in a male dominated industry and teaches classes all over the world. Her business is called Turning Native, but because of the impact she’s making in this industry, she’s mostly known by her name as her brand. With more than 116k followers on IG and almost 38k subscribers on her YouTube channel, Ashley is badass in so many ways. We loved getting to hear her story and we hope you enjoy this episode!

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