Susan LaMotte got her first W-2 at age 14 and has had more than 30 jobs since then. She is the founder of Exaqueo, a workforce consultancy. Susan is known for her pioneering work in employer brand and culture. In the past 15 years, she has worked with renowned global brands including The Ritz-Carlton, Carnival Cruise Lines and Marriott International. and has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and The Washington Post. She has written for publications such as Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and TIME, and has published two books. She was named one of the Top 20 Future of Work Thought Leaders and cited as a Top 100 Social HR ExpertTop 100 Branding ExpertTop 100 influencer in HR and a Top 100 HR/Recruiting Industry pro. She coined the phrase “where business meets behavior”.

Susan’s career mission is to help people enjoy their work more. She does this by helping companies understand that if they can be crystal clear about the way work gets done and the kind of behavior and performance that’s valued in an organization, then potential employees can determine from the very first interaction if they’d fit in the organization.

Needless to say with a bio like that, we can learn a lot from Susan. But as smart and talented as she is, she’s also just a super fun person! When not working, you can find her outside enjoying the Charleston weather, either listening to live music, doing yoga, enjoying time on a boat with friends, playing golf, or riding around on her new golf cart with her family and a cold drink of choice in her hand.

Connect with Susan – Exaqueo Facebook page, Instagram – @SusanLaMotte and @exaqueo

Book Susan recommended on podcast: American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America

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