Chris Winn is a heck of a nice guy. He’s the kind of guy you want to kick back with a cold beer and get to know. So we were lucky to get to do just that. We found ourselves drawn to Chris not only as a friend, but also as someone we could learn a lot from in business. He’s creative and smart, has a great philosophy on caring for his team, and is no stranger to building things from the ground up. He’s a DIY kind of guy and one that won’t stop until he sees his dreams come to fruition. Chris co-founded Tradesman Brewing Co. with two other partners, Scott and Sara Gayle McConnell, and after just a few years, they are quadrupling (at least) their size. Their new space is opening very soon (like within the next couple of weeks) and is going to be amazing. And, well, their beer is just freakin’ good.

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