Erik Holmberg, founder of J. Stark, is a rad dude. He’s witty, has a classic, timeless style, is unassuming, and is fiercely loyal to those close to him. He started J. Stark for himself, yes, but actually more so for other people. He wants to give everyone the opportunity to experience their full potential in this life. He wants to do his part in bringing the manufacturing of our goods back to the U.S. He wants to pay people who want to learn the somewhat lost art of sewing by hand good, fair wages. He wants to give other creative, small business owners an opportunity to grow. And all of these things are happening at J.Stark. They hand-make leather and wax canvas bags and wallets, which are classic and like fine wine, they get even better with age. If you’re looking for a unique gift that someone will treasure for a very long time, I think after hearing this episode, you’ll want to buy a timeless piece of art from him and his partner, Jess. They are just two really cool people making a difference in their world.

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