Power (Couple) Hour

Ep #87 : JULES & STATOYA: All About Kickstarter

This week it’s just Jules and Statoya on the mic talking all things Kickstarter. We dive into what it is, the challenges of it, and the benefits of running a Kickstarter campaign with a new product. Running a Kickstarter campaign, much like being an entrepreneur, definitely isn’t easy, but when it works, it’s amazing. Thanks […]

Ep #84 : BRANDON & LAUREN BELK: Sustainability of Food, Connecting People With Where They Live, And Having Food Values

Brandon and Lauren Belk make quite the team. Together, they’ve started Wich Cream, a company where they’ve mastered the art of combining the classic ice cream sandwich with the highest quality local ingredients, then also add in the perfect amount of made-from-scratch love. Their passion is simple (yet of course very complex) – to invite […]

Ep #77 : DR. JESSE & MIMI ROSS: Understanding The Power Of Being A Wounded Healer, Finding The Love Of Your Life When You Least Expect It, And Caring For Yourself From The Inside Out

Mimi and Dr. Jesse Ross are two of the most absolutely delightful and brilliant people. They are a power couple in every sense of the word, and kindness and compassion just seems to ooze out of every pore in their bodies. They have devoted this phase of their lives to caring deeply for and healing […]

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