Save the Earth

Ep #84 : BRANDON & LAUREN BELK: Sustainability of Food, Connecting People With Where They Live, And Having Food Values

Brandon and Lauren Belk make quite the team. Together, they’ve started Wich Cream, a company where they’ve mastered the art of combining the classic ice cream sandwich with the highest quality local ingredients, then also add in the perfect amount of made-from-scratch love. Their passion is simple (yet of course very complex) – to invite […]

Ep #68 : KATIE SHIELDS: Loving Coconuts, Educating Your Consumers About Toxins, And Building a Business That Honors Your Employees

Katie Shields has come a long way from the small organic farm in Georgia that she grew up on. After having traveled the world with her career in corporate medical sales, she returned to her family’s entrepreneurial roots and founded Mylkbar, which is the first, and only, nail & beauty studio dedicated to the pursuit […]

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