Cheyanne Lake has ten lifetimes of experience. Having been raised by an entrepreneurial family, she began learning business lessons early. Things like “All you have is your word. Nobody likes a liar.”, and “When someone says no to something, find out what they’re afraid of.” Cheyanne believes everyone should be an expert in their craft. Whatever you do, learn and do it with all your heart and ability. And she has done just that with her craft of real estate. She is a trainer of agents, and gives of her time every single morning to help make other agents better at what they do at no charge. In this episode, we’ll hear how she went from being on top to rock bottom and how she’s chosen to move her way back into a position of significant impact and influence. Cheyanne is an absolute gem of a human, and we feel lucky that our paths have crossed. We hope you enjoy this episode!

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