Sallie Holder has got a fire in her that burns bright. It’s often said that everything is greener after the storm, and Sallie is living proof of that. Having realized success in every outward expression of the word – family, career, and “stuff”- she got to the point not once, but twice, of being at the top in her career and feeling empty. Graduating from Vanderbilt and then getting a Master’s from USC, building a successful career as an attorney, and then rising to the top of Stella & Dot in Sales, she began to be plagued by the question “what are you going to do with this one, precious life you’ve been given?” Over the last year, her personal journey has compelled her to look deep inside to define what success really means to her.  And now, she’s a woman on a mission to help as many other women as possible live in their fullest and truest potential. Success now means being at peace with and loving herself, investing in her family with everything she’s got, and surrounding herself with positive, like-minded people who are hungry to grow. Warning: this episode may cause some self-reflection, and we’re not sorry. 🙂

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