Cokie Berenyi lives her life based on her deep-seated belief that true, deep joy is not found in the comfort zone. She is full of life, full of adventure, and full of wisdom. She is mother of two teenage girls, owns two financial investment companies, started two non-profits, has written two books, hosts a podcast, and is known as the “Financial Samurai”. As you might imagine, very little grass grows under her feet. She told us one of her favorite words right now is “badassery” and one of her least favorite words is “busy”, both attributing to how she tackles each day. Cokie loves food, wine, travel, stray dogs, goat cheese, tennis, and alpine mountaineering. She is currently climbing the 7 summits of the world having recently summited Denali and just made the announcement that she’s climbing Everest in 2020.

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