Photo cred: Dallas News

Jeremy and Lila Stewart created something they couldn’t find themselves. Having spent a few years working overseas in Jakarta, Indonesia, they came home needing new flip flops and all they could find were the same old same old as when they left – boring black and brown and ones that took months to break in. So, like all good entrepreneurs, they decided to build the solution they were looking for, and Hari Mari was born. These flip flops are not your ordinary flop. They are comfortable from the moment you put them on, no long process of having to break in that piece between your toes. But, Jeremy and Lila are also not your ordinary humans. They are deeply committed to building a company so they can give back, specifically to the non-profit they’ve established called, Flops Fighting Cancer. Great people, great product, great mission. In our opinion, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

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