This week’s guest, Cristy Pratt, is just a massive ray of smart and energetic sunshine. From the moment we met her, we knew she was something special. Having survived many seemingly insurmountable challenges, Cristy has persevered to the point of now being on the cutting edge of something big. She founded her company, Morph Clothing, based on her own need to have a comfortable, sexy, and elegant piece of clothing that could be transformed to fit the office, the cocktail lounge, and the beach. One piece of clothing that would help her travel lighter, live more simply, and waste less. And her flagship product, the Capsule Dress, as it’s called, is nothing short of a “wow” moment when you see all that it can do. She wanted to design clothing that every woman could feel confident and beautiful in, and she’s done just that. Cristy has a tattoo that translates into “walking forward in strength and gratitude”, and that’s exactly what she strives for every day. What a privilege for us to get to spend time with this amazing human. We hope you enjoy the show!

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