Our guest today, Diana Deaver, grew up in Romania and was a goat herder as a little girl. She moved out at 19, met a military husband online and moved to Hendersonville, NC. She later moved to Charleston, SC and tried her hand at working retail and different odd jobs. Leaning into her inner entrepreneurial spirit, she followed her passions of photography and people as she started her photography and videography businesses called Headshot Love, Diana Deaver Weddings, and Third Wing Video and became a sought after emotional health coaching practice with her business Emotional Health Coaching. Diana is insightful, compassionate, intuitive, and deeply connected to the people in her world. Diana’s formative years in a post communist developing country offered her a personal understanding of the effects that abuse, fear, shame and hunger can have on human dignity. It was an absolute delight to spend time with Diana and we hope you enjoy getting to her as much as we did!

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