Our guest today is the one and only Elaine Sack, COO of RMS Beauty. Hailing from South Bend, IN, she went to college and got her degree in Journalism. She worked on a political campaign, and once that ended, she recruited a friend, packed up her things and moved to Charleston, not having a job or knowing anyone. She worked in an art gallery for 2 years, then went to work for a beauty care manufacturer. When prominent celebrity make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift called wanting to develop an innovatively clean beauty product, Elaine took that serendipitous call that gradually changed her life. Once that product was developed, Elaine was Rose-Marie’s first hire and together, they began to build RMS Beauty. Fast forward 10+ years and RMS is a thriving company that’s leading the charge in the natural and clean beauty industry. It was a delight to talk with Elaine. We hope you enjoy this episode!

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