Elizabeth Stribling knows firsthand what it’s like to be in need. She’s lived it as she and her sisters grew up in poverty and were raised by their aunts. And as a result, Elizabeth’s heart beats with great compassion to help others. She is a teacher by day, but what lights up her passion even more is The Undergarment Society. This is the nonprofit she co-founded that collects new bras and underwear for women living in transitional housing as a result of domestic violence, homelessness, or other unsafe conditions. To Elizabeth, it’s all about offering dignity so that someone can make a fresh start. And one of the main ways she collects these undergarments is by inviting women to throw a “Party with a Purpose”, by asking guests invited to a party or social event to bring undergarments. At the time of this recording, they have collected 7,462 undergarments. Women helping women. This is what will change the world.

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