Erin Keating has a fascinating story. Growing up with a twin brother and 2 younger brothers, all within 5 years of each other, she learned how to be a fearless leader of a “male pack”. This, and the fact that her parents were both entrepreneurs, served her well as she packed up all her things and moved across the country from Virginia to California to seek a career in event planning and producing. Persistence afforded her the ability to secure a job with top California event planner, Mary Micucci, which ultimately led her to a successful career with Audi and their racing team. Erin now owns her own company, called Rudder Media, which is a full service agency focused on strategic consultation for businesses looking to evaluate their operations, marketing, and strategic decisions for future growth, and she also is host of a podcast, called Three Way. If you’re anything like us, you’ll fall in love with this spirited, fun, smart, and talented human. We hope you enjoy!

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