This is a little different episode because I have the privilege of stepping in as guest host of the 321GoProject podcast and interview its incredible weekly host, Matt Scanlon. I’m missing my wing-woman, Statoya, in this episode, but flying solo only makes me realize how much I love flying with her as my co-host. Matt is no stranger to our podcast and this episode with him was so good for GSD entrepreneurs that we couldn’t help but also publish it here on GSD. In it, Matt pulls back the covers a little for us as he answers some tough questions about entrepreneurship, 2017, and what’s ahead for him in this upcoming year. This guy is a leader who Statoya and I deeply respect. He is the founder of CrossFit Memorial Hill in Kansas City, MO, and is on the leadership team of 321GoProject, which is a marketing and business coaching firm for gym owners. Matt is smart, a strategic thinker, adventurous, fun, driven, loving, always striving to push himself and learn new things, and most certainly a GSD kind of entrepreneur. We hope you enjoy this episode. As I ask the questions and you listen to Matt’s answers, my challenge to you is to answer them as it applies to your life and your business. You could have chosen any other podcast to listen to but, as always, thanks for choosing us.

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