This was one of those podcast interviews where we felt a unique connection with our guests. Sitting and talking with Trudi Wagner and Patti Floersheimer, owners of two Goat Sheep Cow locations in Charleston, felt a little to us like coming home. These two are just special in every way. They are kind, humble, spunky, generous, honest, driven, crazy smart, and charismatic. In this episode, we talk about how discovering your true passion can lead to a lifelong friendship. We explore about how one goes from 15 years on Wall Street to opening a cheese and wine shop in a totally different city, and how the other discovers the magic of the fact that getting into a partnership with one of your favorite people can make all the difference in the world. It’s a conversation that’s honest, raw at points, and authentic. If you’re throwing a party and looking to impress your guests with a gorgeous charcuterie and cheese board, look no further than Goat Sheep Cow. And, just maybe we’ll see you there for happy hour!

PHOTO CRED: Goat.Sheep.Cow

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