Kelly and Tony Chu are as dynamic a couple as they come. They are both witty, vibrant, incredibly hard workers, and as smart as the day is long. When around them, you quickly see that they are the yin to each other’s yang, and finish each other’s sentences well. This connection has been the catalyst that has helped them create three wildly successful organizations in Charleston – Red Orchids China Bistro, Cirsea Craft Ice Cream, and the newly opened Betty’s Eatery. We invite you into this lively conversation as we get to know a little about each of their upbringings, and the values that drive everything that they do.

To connect with Tony and Kelly:

  • Red Orchids China Bistro – Facebook and Instagram @redorchids
  • Cirsea Craft Ice Cream – Facebook and Instagram @cirseabykelly
  • Betty’s Eatery – Facebook and Instagram @bettyseatery

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