Gervase Kolmos founded Shiny. Happy. Human. And just so you know, there are periods between each of those words purposefully. Shiny. Happy. Human. Because each one of these have a special meaning to Gervase. She founded her company after having her first child. It was a response to a need she had in her own life for someone to understand, in a real way, the identity crisis she was going through. And it turned out lots of mommas were going through a very same struggle transitioning to their new lives as mothers. Gervase’s driving purpose was and is to help moms realize that messy is normal, and that they could find a rhythm amid all the chaos. She is the real deal Рintrospective, hilarious, magnetic, transparent, and absolutely beautiful from the inside out. We had such a great time with this shiny happy human. We hope you enjoy this episode!

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