Whether you believe in resolutions and setting goals at the turn of a new year… or not, it’s always a good idea – every now and then – to take inventory of your life and hit the reset button.

Think about all the different roles you play. You’re a dad/mom. You’re a son/daughter. You’re a business owner. You’re a friend. You’re a spouse/partner/significant other. You’re a coach/team member. So many roles that sometimes it hard to keep up with them all.

Every one of us develop habits and patterns that become “just the way things are”. We get so used to doing something a certain way, or being a certain way, that we stop actually taking notice.

Does this routine feel familiar at all?  New day, same pattern… A little like Groundhog Day.  

  • Wake up. Check phone. Make coffee. Check social media and emails. Rush to work. Get stressed about all the things you have to do. Check your (maybe declining) bank account.
  • Work, work, work. Feel like it’s never enough. Never get caught up. Stare at your computer because you have so much to do, but don’t know where to start.
  • Get home. Eat some food. Feel bad about not doing enough. Distract ourselves with some screens. Go to bed to do it all again the next day.

Have you ever thought to yourself – “This thing that I’m doing… this series of choices I make every day… it isn’t working. I don’t like the way I feel. I don’t like how my business is going. I don’t like the things I’m doing.” And then you find yourself saying… “Things need to change.”

If you’re at the point where you’ve done everything you know to do this past year and your life, or an area of your life, still isn’t working out, read on, my friend. This just might be for you.

Think about your business. Now, think about your relationships. Now, your finances. Now, your health. Now, your focus. Let come to mind any big block area of your life that makes you you.

Now, think about the people for whom you have a lot of respect because of who they are and what they’ve accomplished. Maybe it’s a successful business person like Elon Musk, or Seth Godin, or Mark Zuckerberg. Maybe it’s a celebrity. Maybe it’s a person you consider your coach. Maybe it’s your Mom or Dad or Grandparent. Whomever it is, picture them clearly in your mind.

Now, think about this question… How many hours do they have in a day?

Answer? Same number as you.

Same number as me! I’ve been letting this thought simmer now for about 4 weeks as I’ve been hyper focused on learning all I can about how to make 2017 my best year yet.  

If you’re not becoming who you want to be and are allowing yourself to be satisfied with status quo in your business, or mediocrity in your relationship with your significant other, or whatever…. There’s a hard truth maybe you need to hear. You have no one to blame but you.

I have no one to blame but me if the different areas of my life aren’t as I want them to be.

We can make excuses all day long, but the ones who really want to accomplish something, get sh$t done. Plain and simple.

They shift their mindset to a get-it-done mentality. They create the environment that will foster growth. They invest their time and money in being different. They don’t let things get in their way, and when things do pop up, they find a way around them. When they don’t know how to do something, they do whatever it takes to learn. Because they know where they’re headed. They’re on a mission to make every day count, big.

They know that these four things have to be in place in order to make things happen.

1) Organization – Their life is organized. Their closet, their car, their house, their desk, their thoughts… all these things maintain a sense of order. They all may not be perfect every minute of every day, but things don’t stay in disarray long. A disorganized life is typically a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, chaotic life. And, before you know it, that one chaotic life is over without accomplishing what you had hoped. 

2) Regular Assessments – They know their baseline. And they know when they’re making progress towards their goal. They take inventory of their life and their business often. When things aren’t as they want them to be, they do something about it. The hit the reset button.

3) A Plan – They have a plan. How silly would it be to go from Philadelphia, PA to San Diego, CA without a map? You’d waste so much time meandering down roads that seemingly lead to nowhere. You’d miss the big attractions and spend time on the lesser things. But how often do we do this with our lives, relationships and businesses? How many of us enter into a new month, new week, or new day haphazardly? We far too easily adopt the “let whatever come, come” mindset. Aristotle coined the term “enkrateia”. It means to be “in power over oneself.” Too often we give away this power to circumstances or other people. Not those who hit their goals. They have a plan. They grab the bull by the horns and they map out their future.

4) Accountability – Truth be told, we all fall off the wagon. Goal hitters have people in place who pick them up, encourage them, and kick them in their pants when they need it most. To them, having accountability in place is absolutely a non-negotiable.

What are you going to do about 2017? Control it and get sh$t done, or get to this time next year and realize that it controlled you. You got this. 

Are you doing this 
to simply do the best you think you can do, 
or are you doing this… 
the best it can be done?
– This post was written by Julie Weldon. 

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