Jenni Ridall is as kind as she is smart. After receiving her B.A. in Art History at the University of Virginia, she studied classic French culinary technique and philosophy at Le Cordon Bleu. She went on to get her M.B.A. from the College of Charleston, with a focus on Hospitality Revenue Management. For the past ten years, Jenni has held numerous roles in the culinary industry, including various positions within restaurants, gourmet retail, culinary events, and publishing. She has worked with multiple James Beard award-winning chefs and cookbook authors, including Nathalie Dupree, Mike Lata, Jason Stanhope, and Virginia Willis. All of that gave her rich experience and built her network, but none of it completely fulfilled her passions, until she started her own company a year ago, called TK Test Kitchen. If you need inspiration from a genuinely fantastic person who isn’t afraid to clear her own path and then follow where it may lead, Jenni is your girl and this is a great episode to listen to.

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