Jennifer Morgan is as dynamic as they come. We knew the moment we met her that we liked her. Her personal motto is “Work hard. Be kind.” How can you not like that kind of person? She’s got vision, a deep desire to help others, a sticktoitiveness attitude, humor in spades to face the challenging times, and a respect for people right where they are in their life. In her career, Jennifer climbed her way up the ladder of CNN where she ultimately worked on the NY stock exchange floor, in the field as a reporter, and had Wolf Blitzer as her mentor. She was in NY during 9/11 and so experienced being right at the scene for those tragic events. Jen is currently raising four kids and has recently opened Eleanor’s Place, an exclusive members-only work & social space in the Atlanta area, named after one of Jen’s historical role models, Eleanor Roosevelt. This space is unlike any other workspace we’ve seen and will surely be impactful to all those who are fortunate enough to be a part of it. If you’ve ever wanted to start something but felt paralyzed, or needed to get your mojo back, this is the episode for you!  We hope you enjoy the show.

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