This week it’s just Jules and Stace on the mic talking about the release of their new children’s book, Rescued By Rico. We tell the whole story of Rico, sharing some stories we haven’t shared before. We just launched our crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo, and would be absolutely delighted if you’d support us either by buying a book (or 5!) and/or sharing it with everyone you know who might enjoy a good children’s book. It’s been professionally illustrated by the insanely talented Tami Boyce, and it accomplishes 2 main purposes: 1) highlight the importance and specialness of rescue animals, and 2) help adults navigate the tough conversations about when a family pet passes over the “Rainbow Bridge”. Plus, 50% of all proceeds will go to support the 4 rescue organizations listed below. A win-win-win for all!!

To support the campaign and buy Rescued By Rico book:

The rescue organizations we’re giving 50% of the proceeds to:

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