This week, we’re in the studio alone. No guests, just Statoya, me, and a mic. Each week, at the end of every episode, we ask our guests to give us 4 numbers out of 70 and they have to spontaneously answer the questions associated with the numbers they’ve chosen. We thought this week it might be fun to put ourselves in the hot seat with those questions and ask them to each other. We cover things like our favorite restaurants, something we’ve done that we’re really proud of this year, people we admire, person we’d like to have dinner/drinks with, and so much more. We hope you enjoy this episode as we peel back the curtains and let you know a little about what makes us, as your GSD Entrepreneur co-hosts tick. From the bottom of our Charleston hearts, thank for tuning in and listening each week. You are a big part of what makes this so fun.

Happiest of Holidays to you and those you love!!   🙂

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