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How crazy is it to think that 2019, and a decade, have come to a close?!? Where did the time go?? I heard it said once that time is like a roll of toilet paper, the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes. How true is this? It seems like, for at least us anyway, 2019 is a blur. Which is why it’s so important to stop and reflect on what was and dream about and plan for what will be in this next year. In this episode, Statoya and I get real. We push and encourage change wherever it’s needed. We may get a little under your skin, but if we do, it’s with all the love we can muster, and it’s most likely because you maybe need a little pushing. Consider us your cheerleaders who give little kicks in the ass every now and then. And remember, we would never push unless we weren’t right there with you in longing for positive change!  We hope you enjoy this episode and Cheers to all that 2020 brings!!

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