Kara Newmark is quite the GSD Entrepreneur. She grew up in Dayton, OH and went to law school, thinking she wanted to follow in her Dad’s footsteps. After practicing law for a few years, she realized the attorney life wasn’t for her, so she founded her own consulting firm focused on helping technology and life science incubators such as Nidus Center, Boeing’s Incubator, CET, and Biogenerator portfolio companies. Getting recruited to a tech startup because of her expertise, she became immersed in the world of entrepreneurialism where she wore multiple hats on any given day. After three years and the dot.com crash, this fast growing startup company came to a halt and Kara was at a point where she needed to pivot. This pivot led her to a lot of soul searching and the realization that she wanted to start something that could accomplish two primary things: 1) become a national brand, and 2) create happiness. The result of that is her business called Sweetology where she just opened her third location. Think Build-A Bear meets Willy Wonka. Kara is inspirational, incredibly smart, dynamic, energizing, and boundless in her dreams. We absolutely loved our time with her and hope you do as well.

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