Photo Cred: Arielle Simmons

Leigh-Ann Beverley grew up in Fairfax, VA in a very creative family. Music and art were common activities in her house and were taught early on, but she was also a self-proclaimed “tomboy” competing with the boys in whatever sports she could. Her photography and videography career was foreshadowed by how she could always be found recording her family and friends doing even the simplest activities with her now vintage video recorder. Storytelling was in her from early on. But, before she became well-known for her crazy talented skills with the camera, LA sold wine for 8 years. It was through selling wine and her ability to quickly establish trust and rapport in relationships that she created connections that would be the stepping stones to her future as a photographer/videographer for vineyards and musicians all over the world through her company Bona Fide Productions. Among many things, she’s an artist, a musician, a cook, and a traveller, but probably most impressive to us was her humility and heart for others. We hope you enjoy this episode!

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