Leslie Haywood is an absolute gem of a human. Just listen to some of her highlight reel – she was raised an army brat so moved around a lot, worked in management in the corporate world, became a mom, had a lightbulb moment for a new product, got diagnosed with breast cancer, had a double mastectomy, was on the first season of Shark Tank, her Dad died suddenly while filming for show so she flew back to the East Coast, got invited back to Shark Tank, got a deal with Robert, then was invited by the producers to be on Beyond the Tank. After successfully building her company, Grill Charms, she negotiated a licensing deal with her kitchen design manufacturer, and now is focused on managing the properties that she owns with her husband, Jason. If you’ve ever thought of inventing a product, have been through hardships in your life, or just want to live every day to the fullest, this episode will no doubt inspire and motivate you to appreciate each moment of every day.

Leslie’s Book Recommendation – The Mom Inventors Handbook, by Tamara Monosoff

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