For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been a bit obsessed with the 9 eggs I discovered in a hanging plant on the back deck. The nest has become a cave (ruining my hanging plant) with the soil dug out and replaced by debris – the stuff that fills trash bags and gets put out by the side of the road – sticks, leaves, a piece of dental floss even. This little momma finch is serious. One man’s junk has become her treasure. She’s been tirelessly laboring to prepare for the big day. The day when her babies let out their first chirp. 

As I sit here in the dusk of this summer evening after a long day, I hear the faintest of chirps as she continues to work hard. Flying in and out of the nest with such urgency to find seeds, worms, anything that will enable those helpless balls of furry feathers to get the nutrition they need. These tiny mouths are her focus. To her, nothing else matters. 

If we pay attention and stop our busy lives for a moment, the diligence of animals can teach us a host of lessons. I can’t help but think about the challenges of business as I watch this momma bird. 

When there are 9 eggs, inevitably not everyone will make it. A litany of reasons can come into play with unhatched eggs… there is just not enough room in the nest, the temp is too hot, the temp is too cold, the humidity is too high, and on and on. I don’t pretend to be a bird expert, I just know circumstances force things that we think should be, to not be. And letting go is never easy.

So it is in business. We start something because we’re passionate about it. We’re good at it. And then it becomes a lot. We need more people, need more money, need more time.  If you have a business you know all too well that there are often seasons in starting and running a business where there is little rest for the weary. Like this momma bird, growing something takes determination and focus. 

But, what’s important to remember and let sink in, eventually what grows will soar if given the right nurture.

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