Liz Martin grew up as a mountain girl in Fairview, NC. She went to NC State and then grad school at UNC for speech pathology. After getting tired of speech pathology becoming about the money instead of really helping people, Liz started leaning into her creative side. Her friends loved her style, so one by one they began asking her to help them with the interiors of their homes. As most successful businesses evolve, what was a passion became a career. After a move to Charleston to lean into her love of the beach, she created an online store, called The Charleston Weekender, and started lifestyle blogging and writing about Charleston and all things creative, then found herself a co-founder and owner of a store in downtown Charleston called Cannonborough Collective. Now in addition to running the store, with her influence and 32k followers, Liz gets approached by the likes of small and large brands such as Tuesday Morning and Martha Stewart to promote their brands. As if that’s not enough to keep her busy, she also teaches others how to build a strategic business Instagram account. Liz is an influencer by trade but what we loved about her is that she’s so much more than that, she’s an influencer by the way that she honestly and authentically lives her life. What a privilege to get time with this beautiful soul. We hope you enjoy this episode!

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