I hate brushing my teeth. The mere act of it each day reduces me down, in that moment, to something less than I ever think I should be. It honestly feels almost inhuman. I gag. I have toothpaste all over my face. I have water dripping down my chin. The worst is when the toothpaste/water combination starts running down my arm. 

I’ve tried everything. I bought an electric toothbrush. I’ve tried using less toothpaste. I’ve tried not brushing so hard. But, somehow I always find myself right back to the same routine. 

And I hate it.

Those people who can walk around the house, brushing their teeth, and be clean as a whistle when they finally make it back to the sink, well, I admire them. I’ve tried to watch how they do it. To learn from their expertise. But to no avail.

I brush my teeth for one reason. It’s for the cup of coffee that’s waiting for me on the other side. (Ok, truth be told, it’s also for my health and the benefit of me not knocking people over when I talk.) But, really… it’s for the coffee. I have bargained with myself, that I will never be allowed to have my first cup of coffee when I wake up until I brush my teeth. And it works. That first sip of hot Hazelnut creamer goodness makes the struggle worth it.  

This morning as I was going through the barbaric routine, I started thinking about how much this applies to life and business and relationships and hardship. 

If there’s something to look forward to on the back end, the hard stuff becomes more doable.  

Life is not full of easy and enjoyable all the time. But, here’s a truth. The valleys are what make the mountain tops be that much more spectacular.

It’s an old truth, but one worth remembering. Plan things to look forward to. In business, for your team. In life, for your significant other. In the day-to-day, for you. Be purposeful with your day.

And when you are, man, the coffee tastes so good.

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