Sara Christensen is a powerhouse of a GSD entrepreneur. She has started and lead 5 different businesses over the past almost 25 years. Her largest business was bringing in $10M in revenue each year until she was forced to sell her portion of the business because of a difficult (shady, in her words) situation with her business partner. In addition to being an Angel Investor and an Advisor, her most recent business is called KickAss Masterminds. She started this company as a result of her own successful experience with a mastermind group that she was a part of for 7 years in San Diego. When she recently moved to Austin, TX she looked for something similar and couldn’t find what she was looking for, so she started this company to help motivated entrepreneurs like herself connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs. She has a passion to help business owners succeed no matter what curveballs life throws at them. And she’s had some curve balls of her own that you’ll hear about in this episode. It’s a privilege to have Sara on this show with us. We hope you enjoy our conversation with her as much as we did!

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