Photo cred: Lindsey Harris

You know those people who seem to be the whole package? Well, that is Molly Fienning to us – what a privilege to get this interview time with her. She’s funny, she’s incredibly smart (hello, Harvard grad), she’s beautiful, she’s a visionary who has started multiple businesses, she’s madly in love with her husband and kids, she’s real, and she’s not afraid to admit when she’s made a misstep or needs help. One of the things that Molly talks about in this podcast is creating an irrational offer. She has such a giant heart to create brand loyal customers that she talks about some creative ways she’s done that with her not one, but two businesses, Babiators and Red Clay Hot Sauce. This is an episode that’s sure to have you laughing, thinking, and getting out your notebook to jot your thoughts down. We hope you enjoy the show!

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