Eléa Faucheron has been to the depths of burnout, and has come back stronger than ever. As all good GSD Entrepreneurs do, she has used the hardships of life to shape and mold her sphere of influence and impact. As an avid kiteboarder and obstacle race participant, she consistently puts herself in places where she is forced to make decisions that foster her growth. As a result of this growth, she has developed a three step process of moving from burnout to badass, which include making a bold move, thinking differently, and smiling more. And she unpacks all of this in her newly released book Move. Think. Smile. She is on a mission with Move Think Smile and is helping people transform how they deal with stress. If you’ve ever been stressed, or you are in the middle of way too much stress right now and are on the verge of burnout, we think you’ll enjoy this episode.

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