Our guest in this episode is one beautiful soul. Sarah Peacock is an award winning singer songwriter from a little town in Georgia who now finds herself in Nashville, TN. She’s built her music career from the ground up one gig at a time. Her heart is on display through every word that she writes and sings, as she graciously invites the listener into more. She’s known the hardships of losing it all as she fought to buy back the rights to her songs, as she watched her tour bus burn up, as she wrestled with walking away from music completely, and as she said goodbye recently to her best and most faithful friend, Gibson. But through it all, her love for music, for people, and for life has done nothing but grow stronger. We’re in for a real treat in this podcast as we get to know Sarah. And there’s even a special something waiting for you at the end. We won’t be surprised if, after this podcast, Sarah’s music becomes a regular on your playlists. Listen in as we’re invited into the music-filled world of Sarah Peacock.

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Sarah lost her tour bus to a fire, and insurance didn’t cover a thing. Since that time, she’s signed with a new label, released a new album – “Beauty In The Ashes”, and is getting ready to hit the road again on another tour. In order to do this, she’s needs new transportation, so she’s doing a Kickstarter to raise the necessary funds. Her Kickstarter campaign is only live until this Friday, July 27th. If you feel so moved, we’d love for you to check out her page here – http://kck.st/2s25CjZ – and consider giving a little to help a talented girl out!  🙂

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