Have you ever been on a trip or vacation (or even on a staycation in your own city) and wanted to steer clear of the tourist traps and do the things that locals do, but had no idea where to find trustworthy recommendations that fit your style and budget? Yeah, us too. That’s why we are super excited to introduce you to Patrick Gallagher this week. Patrick has developed an app, called LGND, that uses local “guides” to create “packs” of recommendations that include restaurants, bars and nightlife, activities, and things to know. And it’s free to download. The app recently launched with Charleston as it focus, since Patrick lives here, but has plans to quickly expand to include other popular tourist destinations such as Austin, Denver, Nashville, New Orleans and nearly a dozen other cities. What a delight to meet Patrick who is as nice as he is smart. We hope you enjoy this episode!

How to follow LGND:

  • Download the free app on your phone. In the App store, just search for LGND
  • Instagram – @lgndapp
  • Facebook – @lgndapp

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