Anybody can lead, right?

As humans, it’s just in our DNA to look for people to follow. We need this. We are literally created with eyes as a newborn that search for people who will impact us. And it doesn’t stop as we get older. This search only grows more intense. You know this. It’s not rocket science. Even the most remote hermit in proverbial Timbuctoo, when asked, would comment on those who have had an impact on his or her life. And the most powerful leader in the world credits a litany of others for having a part in molding them into who they are.

So, if this is so important, why don’t we obsess over being a better leader? Why are we ok with just “good enough” to those people who look to us? Easy. It’s the same reason some of us don’t obsess over anything – eating healthy, exercising consistently, treating the people most important to us like they deserve to be treated. Because it’s hard. Often, we know what to do, we just don’t feel like really doing it. And we forget to remember that life is short. Not much lasts in this life more than our impact.

People count on us.

People count on you.  

Do one over the top thing today to make a difference in someone’s life who needs you as an influencer.

And then do it again tomorrow.

We need you.

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