I’m going to start out by saying this conversation felt like we were on sacred ground and I think you’ll know what I mean as you listen. Our guest, Sondra Skipper Kilian, is a very special human. She has both accomplished a lot and been through deep pain in her short time on this planet. She has the unique ability to set her sights on something and watch it manifest itself. It’s almost as if she sees her future unfolding and then isn’t afraid to do the hard work to get there. Sondra grew up in Charleston, went to the Maine Maritime Academy where she was in the United States Merchant Marines for 10 years. She sailed as Captain on a 300 foot ship for an emergency response company until she was 6 months pregnant with her son, Sullivan aka Sully, and then went through gut-wrenching loss and grief. To continue her healing process, she traveled for a couple months in Europe, alone with her then 1 year old little Sully, and then came back home and started her own business, Skip & Sully. This is a brilliant concept of a marriage between a Montessori style indoor playground and parent’s club. What an absolute privilege to hear her story. We hope you enjoy our conversation.

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