Stacie Barber, owner of The Mindful Body Pilates Studio and Stacie Barber Coaching, is on a mission to use the challenging and beautiful parts of her story to help facilitate ease, connection, balance, fulfillment and joy in the lives of women who are ready to step into the next version of themselves. Women who are ready to release the feelings of despair, overwhelm, exhaustion and confusion… in order to align to their true, whole, essential being. Easy feelings to relate to during these unprecedented times. Stacie’s background includes some really hard parts, which she talks about with us, but she also talks about the deep healing she’s experienced by doing the work. As a result, she is a beautiful soul who graciously holds space for others to explore and embrace who they are meant to be in this world, and she is not afraid to use her own vulnerability to help others on their journey. What an inspiring episode. We hope you enjoy!

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