Tia Clark has one of those stories that absolutely captivates your attention. It’s a story of hardship and healing and personal growth that has resulted in a contagious joy. Tia is a Charleston native and has spent the majority of her life in food and beverage. After realizing she was about to experience her 20 year anniversary of smoking, she decided she didn’t want anything to have that kind of control over her and she quit cold turkey. Not realizing that her immune system was compromised because of the smoking, she had a season of health challenges. She did the hard work of changing her diet and getting on the path to wholeness and healing. When she was invited to go crabbing one day, she had no idea how it would change her life. One year later, she has quit her bar manager job, is the founder of Casual Crabbing with Tia, and was named as one of the world wide top 4 Airbnb Experiences hosts with her business Let’s Go Crabbing. Her business has taken off and she still sees salt water and crabbing as therapy for her soul. Crabbing with Tia is an experience worth doing and her story is a story worth hearing!

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