August has always been a month of chaos for me. Summer is coming to an end, a new school year is approaching. You’ve got to buy your school supplies & trendy new clothes, and have to prepare for a new set of classes, teachers, and friends.

New school years are in my rearview mirror at this point, but I have found myself entering into new version of the August chaos. I recently started a new job with a new team, new hours, and new schedule. I just moved my best friend to NC and am approaching a move of my own. On top of working 40 hours, I am an advisor for the local College of Charleston Alpha Delta Pi sorority chapter, teach yoga a couple times a week, and am working with the team at A Salty Rim on an exciting new project! It can be a lot to pack into my 24 hour days!

It’s is easy for me to get caught in autopilot mode and often depleted of energy. It’s easy to find myself losing sleep, eating poorly, and complaining more about the people & things around me. It has always frustrated me that our society places so much value on overpacked schedules & encourages folks to wear “busy-ness” as badges of honor. It is during chaotic times like this that I get reminded of the importance of engaging in my life with a sense of purpose & gratitude.

If you are like me and get challenged with similar things, here are a few tips that can help turn your chaos into calm:

Change the way you talk about it.  
Instead of talking about how busy, stressed, and tired you are, aim to share all the things you are grateful for. Instead of describing a month, week or day as chaotic, try describing it as a time of exciting transition & change. The more you can change our mindset, the more you can change your reality!

Sprinkle in some slowness.
Wake up an hour earlier to enjoy a cozy cup of coffee & a good book. Meditate at least once a day. Count your steps. Do one thing at a time. The more you can get into the habit of slowing down, the more equipped you will be to handle life when things speed up!

Listen to your body.
Your body carries stress! The more you slow down, the more you are able to noticed the triggers that actually bring about negative thoughts and emotions, and feel where you are carrying the stress in your body. Understanding your triggers puts you back in the driver’s seat to make a change!

Write it down.
Keeping your to do lists & thoughts inside your head can be extremely overwhelming. Getting them out on paper takes away their power & frees up so much space for new possibilities and positive thoughts!

Get your move on.
Sometimes when your brain is running at 100 mph, putting that kinetic energy into exercise can help shed layers and clear up even more. With the added increase in endorphins, you are even more likely to change the way you are engaging in your everyday!

It’s your choice. Either see today as beyond your control and let it dictate your feelings and happiness, or embrace it as your very own and live it to the full.

– This post was written by Hannah Bise.

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