Whitley Floyd is beautiful in every sense of the word, and we’ll think you’ll agree after listening to this conversation that she’s been given a few extra doses of creativity, which serves her well in her freelance roles of wardrobe and prop stylist for photoshoots and commercials, and costume designer and tailor for TV and film. She studied at the Ringling College of Art and Design (yes, where the circus people train), and she worked in a range of roles at the prestigious Asolo Repertory Theatre. In this episode, we talk about everything from mortuaries to circus to graphic design to sewing to sex. And, it’s real, raw, and good. Whitley is warm, inviting, funny, a deep thinker, and gives off a major inclusivity vibe. If you don’t already know Whitley, we humbly say, “you’re welcome”. She is one cool chic.

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  • Instagram – @whitleyfloyd

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