Heather Adams, founder of Choice Media & Communications headquartered in Nashville, TN, grew up in Marietta, GA as a self-proclaimed strong-headed female who was always “ruffling feathers”. Those qualities served her very well though as she worked her way through multiple organizations and character developing opportunities, ultimately leading her to start her own media and communications firm where she has and continues to advocate and promote people she respects who are doing good work, people such as Rev. Billy Graham, President Jimmy Carter, Dave Ramsey, Jen Hatmaker, the Johnny Cash family, Marcus Buckingham, John Maxwell, and Max Lucado, among a long list of others. Heather is a connector, she’s got a contagious presence, she’s driven, she’s a wife and mom of two boys plus two guinea pigs, and just a genuinely kind person. We loved our time with this powerhouse of a leader and hope you do as well!

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